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Jenell specializes in dolls!
Buy, Sell, Appraise, Repair in Austin, Texas and surrounding area

The doll hospital repairs, restores and paints
Antique, Composition, Vintage
and BJD (Ball Jointed Doll)
Or call: (512) 250-8840


Doll Sales on eBay

Doll Sales on eBay
Please check out my current
eBay auctions
for dolls and related items.

I do sell dolls on consignment through
eBay and local doll shows. 
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"Still here" video
by Ashley Tsao and Dani Matias
on dolls
with Jenell talking about
doll repair in second half.

Doll Hospital

Doll Hospital
I specialize in dolls!
Buy, Sell, Appraise, Repair & Restore
in greater Austin, Texas area
The doll hospital repairs, restores and paints
BJDs (Ball Jointed Doll)

Jenell's Doll Hospital Repair Gallery

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Free Informal Doll Appraisals

Do you have a doll you would like identified? Are you interested in selling or insuring a doll and would like to know the value? I have been appraising dolls, as well as buying, selling and repairing them for many years. I keep up to date on prices and trends in the market so can give you an accurate quote on current value.

I do both informal and formal doll appraisals.

For informal appraisals of 1-5 dolls, you can email me pictures of the doll/s along with information about how tall it is and any markings or tags. I will send you a qualified brief appraisal of the doll with current value. It is a qualified appraisal since there may be things that I can't see in the picture that adversely affect the value (such as a crack in an antique doll or an unpleasant smell in a hard plastic doll). Clear pictures will result in more accurate appraisals. This is a free service for 1-5 dolls.
Antique Doll Eye Repair
Oftentimes, antique dolls come for repair with the glass sleep eyes rattling around in the head. Sometimes, the eyes are still intact and just need to be reset as sleep eyes. Sometimes the eyes have broken off from the rocker and need repair. This is an example of repairing a sleep eye mechanism and resetting the eyes so they still sleep. Unfortunately, sometimes the eyes are shattered and have to be completely replaced.
Putting dolls back together by restringing is one of the main tasks of the doll doctor. I am able to restring antique dolls, composition dolls, hard plastic dolls (including Madame Alexander dolls of all sizes), vinyl dolls, and even the modern American Girl type dolls.
Improve Crazed Eyes
Many composition dolls have eyes that craze and fade so become very scary. While I can’t restore them to their original color, I can darken the color and give them irises so they don’t look quite as startling.
Composition Repair
Composition Repair...
Complete Composition Restoration
Composition dolls from the 1930s and 1940s often suffer damage such as cracking, crazing, and lifting as well as damage from “critters.” Full composition restoration is very labor intensive but also very rewarding as a doll in poor condition is brought back to as close as possible to its original condition. This means that when painting features, I try to duplicate the original style which varies from company to company. When doing composition restoration, I try to preserve as much of the original paint as possible. For instance, the fingernails of the large mama doll are the original paint which were in excellent condition. Sometimes only some pieces of the doll need repair. The doll with the broken, missing piece of torso needed that restored as well as some fingers. The head was in good condition so only minimal craze control was used on her face. Since composition dolls are sensitive to variations of temperature as well as moisture, try to keep the dolls in a climate controlled environment. They do not do well in attics, garages, or basements.
Restyle Hair
Restyling hair can range from smoothing down some stray hairs to restyling a mohair wig into Shirley Temple ringlets. I am able to redo Barbie ponytails as well. Sometimes the hair is mostly missing or in very poor condition. In this case, I am able to replace the hair with a wig that is appropriate to the type of doll.
Finger and Toe Restoration
Jenell's Doll can do restoration on antique paper-mache, composition, and resin doll fingers and toes. This can range from a simple matching of paint to creating and replacing missing fingers or toes. Unfortunately, at this point, I am unable to replace fingers or toes on vinyl or hard plastic dolls.
Faceup & Repaint
One thing I very much enjoy is painting dolls. I have done porcelain reproduction dolls for many years and have experimented with repainting vinyl fashion dolls such as Barbie, Gene and the Tonner dolls. Doing face-ups on ball jointed dolls (BJDs) and Dollfie Dream heads is my latest hobby.

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About Me


Jenell became interested in dolls and their history when she given her grandmother's dolls. From that small beginning of three dolls, she has built a business making, repairing, refurbishing, restoring, appraising, buying and selling dolls.


Jenell's Dolls at or  includes a doll hospital where she repairs, refurbishes and restores many different types of dolls from antiques to composition to modern American Girl dolls. She also enjoys painting antique reproductions, creating one of a kind repaint dolls and painting face-ups on ball jointed dolls (BJD).
Please check out the Jenell's Doll Hospital photo gallery for Jenell's work.


• Since 1985, collected extensively, participated in doll study, and learned about a wide variety of dolls, doll history, clothing and fashions, manufacturers, and artists.

• In 1995-1999 and 2009-2011, served as president of the Austin Doll Collectors Society (ADCS), the Austin, Texas, chapter of the United Federation of Doll Clubs (UFDC). Checkout the ADCS's blog and ADCS's Facebook links.

• From 1990 to the present, studied bisque and composition doll making and repair, and built a reputation for fine repair.

• Since 2001, became a top rated eBay Power Seller, with the ID Jenell-com (Jenell-com's current auctions)

• Member of Doll Doctors Association (

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